Gunhild Carling


October 21, 2023

Show 7pm • Outdoor Courtyard • Doors @ 5:30pm for dinner/drink service 

$25 Food/Drink Minimum

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Gunhild Carling

Gunhild Carling is born 1975 in Gothenburg, Sweden in a family of musicians.

Gunhild plays several instruments as trombone, trumpet, recorder, bagpipe, harmonica, drums and piano and tour around Europe at a very early age together with her family.

Together “The Carling Family” has recorded over 5 Albums from 1985-2005.

Siblings: Brother Max Carling plays Clarinet, violin, saxophone, piano. Also Rope Dancer, juggler, composer, band leader,

Sister Gerd Carling plays piano, trombone, saxophone, vibes. Band Leader and scientist.

Brother Ulf plays drums, trumpet, sings and dances.

Parents: father Hans (1945-2017) trumpet, piano  and Aina Carling banjo, violin, guitar

1984 -2000  several TV programs.  (Affären Ramel, Nygammalt, Cafe Sundsvall, Polish TV, Sommarkonsert Askersund, Aktuellt SVT, Sommarkonsert Grona Lund)

Quotes about Gunhild:

“Gunhild Carling is one of the most important musicians and ambassadors for the arts in the world today. She is recognized globally for her outstanding musicianship as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, entertainer, and would be a great asset to any country that is fortunate enough to have her as one of its best citizens.”  Scotty Barnhart Director, Count Basie Orchestra

“Without fear of exaggeration, I can honestly say that Gunhild Carling is an exceptional musician and entertainer with a truly unique talent. I have worked all over the world with stars like Liza Minnelli and Tony Bennett (among others) and can honestly say that Gunhild is unlike anyone I’ve seen in my over forty years in show business. Gunhild Carling captivates an audience in a way I’ve never seen and her talent is worthy of much wider recognition in the United States.” Billy Stritch Piano player, singer New York

“Gunhild Carling inspired me to paint a mural about her because I see her as a positive influence for women of all ages, she is a talented multi-instrumentalist, a successful entrepreneur and a very kind person. She has been the biggest inspiration to me and I hope to spread that same strength she gives me through my mural about her. This mural is in the US Bank tower in downtown LA the tallest building in all of California.”  Paloma Arciniegamural painter Los Angeles

“I’ve had the pleasure of performing on stages throughout America with Gunhild Carling. Wherever Gunhild goes, she spreads joy and love through her incredible musical talents and her inspiring positive energy. I don’t know anyone who works harder to bring music and entertainment to audiences and I’ve never seen audiences respond more enthusiastically to a performer.” -Michael Andrew (singer, composer, arranger)



Event Details

Show 7pm • Outdoor Courtyard • Doors @ 5:30pm for dinner/drink service

Date: October 21, 2023

Start time: 07:00 p.m. PDT

End time: 09:00 p.m. PDT

Venue: Oscar's Palm Springs - Outdoor Courtyard

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