An Evening with Cindy Foster


October 28, 2022

This event is in our INDOOR Showroom.   Seating for 7:00pm show is at 6:00pm.     Seating for 9:30pm show is at 8:45pm.  Dinner & drinks served before performance

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Cindy Foster is the 52-year-old Massachusetts-based comedian who has created one of the latest viral videos you’ve likely seen being shared online. Her sarcastic sense of humor and charming demeanor are infectious.  Foster always wanted to be a comedian, but didn’t pursue it until later in her life after she decided to take a stand up comedy class at her local community college. Her first gig was at a gay club in Northhampton called Diva’s.

Cindy Foster has been making people laugh across the world with her LIVE stand up shows 
and comedy shorts on social media .  Her natural ability to act and improvise has brought to life so many  hilarious characters ! 
Cindy’s comedy video shorts have over 65 million views and climbing.


Dinner & Drink service begins an hour before show.    Show starts promptly at 7:00pm.or 9:30pm  

Event Details

This event will take place in our indoor showroom

Date: October 28, 2022

Venue: Oscar's Palm Springs - Indoor Showroom

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